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Do you have any ques­tions about Logbook Suite or pro­blems? On this page we have col­lec­ted some troubleshootings.

If your ques­tions are not ans­we­red here, the sup­port of 2K Yach­ting will help. You can reach our tech­ni­cal sup­port best if you send an email to: 

If Logbook Suite should start with a Ger­man user inter­face, sim­ply tap the but­ton Vor­ga­ben in the Logbook Suite Mana­ger and select your desi­red lan­guage from the list.

Important note about the update of the app LogbookNMEA connect (iPad)

Occa­sio­nal­ly it can hap­pen that the App LogbookNMEA connect does not work cor­rect­ly after an update. The solu­tion is quite simple:

  1. Write down your set­tings (sources) in LogbookNMEA connect.
  2. Delete the app com­ple­te­ly from your iPad.
  3. Reload the app from the App Store.
  4. Set up the sources again.

Now LogbookNMEA connect should work as usual.

Important note about the installation of Logbook Suite for Windows

During the ins­tal­la­tion of Logbook Suite for Win­dows all virus scan­ners must be com­ple­te­ly deac­ti­va­ted – even the inter­nal virus scan­ner of Win­dows 10. Virus scan­ners change the data­base files of Logbook Suite during the scan so that they become unusable.

Important note for Logbook Suite on Mac

To use Logbook Suite on Mac it is impor­tant to avoid that the Logbook Suite data fol­der moved to iCloud Drive. Saving the files auto­ma­ti­cal­ly in iCloud Drive can cause pro­blems with Logbook Suite – inclu­ding file cor­rup­tion. This is because the auto­ma­ti­cal­ly wri­ting of ope­ned files to the cloud col­lides with the way data­base-based appli­ca­tions auto­ma­ti­cal­ly save the entries.
MacOS Cata­li­na by stan­dard copies the users Docu­ments fol­der to iCloud Drive. The­re­fore star­ting with Logbook Suite 2.1 the data fol­der “Logbook Suite” is loca­ted direct­ly in the top level of the user fol­der and no more inside of the docu­ments fol­der.
With the update to Logbook Suite 2.1 res­pec­ti­ve­ly Logbook Suite 2.2 your data fol­der is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly moved to the new location.

If you are still using an older ver­sion of Logbook Suite and have pro­blems (crashes, data loss, unwan­ted file dupli­cates), we recom­mend update to Logbook Suite 2.2 or to move your data fol­der from Logbook Suite to the new loca­tion alrea­dy now. Pro­ceed as follows:

  1. Close Logbook Suite.
  2. Move (not copy!) your data fol­der “Logbook Suite” from the fol­der Docu­ments within your user fol­der one level up, so that it is direct­ly in your user fol­der — i.e. on the same level as the fol­der Documents.
  3. Hold down the shift key (capi­tal let­ter) and start Logbook Suite.
  4. A dia­log to define the data fol­der is dis­played. 
  5. Choose the but­ton “Choose” in the dia­log and then in the fol­lo­wing file selec­tion dia­log select the fol­der “Logbook Suite” from your user folder.
  6. Now Logbook Suite starts per­ma­nent­ly using the moved data folder.

Logbook Suite: Installation

Note for the installation of Logbook Suite for Windows

Please note that on Win­dows com­pu­ters you only can make entries in data­base soft­ware from accounts with admi­nis­tra­tor’s right. The­re­fore it is neces­sa­ry that you ins­tall Logbook Suite with an account with all admi­nis­tra­tor pri­vi­leges. Never­the­less, with some Win­dows ins­tal­la­tions the admi­nis­tra­tor account hasn’t got all rights that are requi­red for the use of a data­base soft­ware. This is par­ti­cu­lar­ly the case for com­pu­ters with addi­tio­nal accounts. You may reco­gnize that eve­ry time Logbook Suite is star­ted, a mes­sage is shown, that an update of the data files has been exe­cu­ted, even when nothing has been upda­ted. In this case there is a rather simple solution: 
  • Start Logbook Suite using the context menu of the pro­gram and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Alter­na­ti­ve­ly you can set up the link to the pro­gram Logbook Suite thus the soft­ware auto­ma­ti­cal­ly gets always the admi­nis­tra­tor pri­vi­leges. In the context menu choose the entry “Pro­per­ties”, click the “Short­cut” tab, then on “Advan­ced” and acti­vate the “Run as Admi­nis­tra­tor” check box. To finish click OK.
  • In some cases, in addi­tion to the step above the access rights of the data­bases contai­ned in the pro­gram fol­der of Logbook Suite (the files with exten­sion fmp12) need to be manual­ly chan­ged to full access.
  • If the access rights of the data­base files in the pro­gram fol­der were not cor­rect, you should also check the access rights of the files in the data fol­der of Logbook Suite (the fol­der “Logbook Suite” is in the top level of your boot drive). Cor­rect the access rights of this files if neces­sa­ry, too. Remove all backup files which have been crea­ted during your attemps to start Logbook Suite.

Receiving GPS data on iPad

In order for Logbook will be able to receive GPS data on the iPad, you need to have acti­va­ted the Loca­tion Ser­vices for Logbook Suite and for LogbookNMEA connect in the Set­tings app of the iOS.

To trans­fer navi­ga­tion data from the iPad’s built-in GPS or from an NMEA data source, you need our free iPad app LogbookNMEA connect. This app esta­blishes the connec­tion bet­ween Logbook and the GPS or the instruments.

Please note, before you can receive data, you need to setup the appro­priate data source in LogbookNMEA connect. For more infor­ma­tion, read the Logbook manual.

System preferences

Mac: macOS 10.13 and newer
Win­dows: Win­dow 7 SP1 Professional/Ultimate, 8.1 Standard/Pro, 10 Pro/Enterprise
iPad: iOS 12.2 and newer, mini­mum 1.5 GB free memo­ry
iPhone: iOS 13.2 and newer, mini­mum 1.5 GB free memory

Current version numbers of Logbook and the Add-ons

If you are using an older ver­sion and have pro­blems with the file, you can down­load the new ver­sion from our web­site into Logbook Suite by cli­cking the Update but­ton in the Logbook Suite Mana­ger and update your cur­rent file auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. The Update dia­log will always show you the ver­sions you are using and the latest avai­lable versions. 
Logbook5.2.1• PC: Fixed an error in the calculation of the track
• PC: Fixed error that Log value was not read out with Auto-NMEA
• PC: Warning message if no data is received with Auto-NMEA
5.3.0• Interface utilisateur française
• Signalement coloré lorsqu'une entrée de navigation a été modifiée plus de 2 minutes après sa saisie (numéro de ligne en orange, horodatage de la modification en rouge).
• Les étiquettes colorées pour les vitesses de vent fonctionnent à nouveau.
• iPad : correction d'une erreur lors de la lecture des heures de fonctionnement du moteur.
5.3.1• Correction d'un bug qui empêchait de modifier une trajet
• Correction d'un bug qui faisait que dans un fichier vide du journal de bord, les numéros de ligne étaient affichés en orange.
• Message d'erreur ajouté si le trace doit être générée à partir des données Auto-NMEA sans que les données soient disponibles
• Ajouts aux données pour l'email de support
• iPad : Correction de l'erreur selon laquelle E était incorrectement déterminé pour les positions proches de 0° W.
5.3.2• Si les entrées de la liste Commentaires de la boîte de dialogue Listes sont marquées d'un texte de couleur, cette couleur est transférée au journal de bord. Cela permet une présentation encore plus claire du journal de bord.
• Plus d'entrées possibles dans les checklists
5.3.3iOS : Les impressions PDF en plusieurs parties sont fusionnées en un seul PDF
Logbook Lite1.0.1• Compatible with Biography
• Minor bugs fixed
1.0.2• New: French user interface
• Small bugs in user interface and print function fixed
1.0.3• Correction d'un bug qui faisait que possiblement toutes les données n'étaient pas affichées dans les vues Synthèse et Réservoir.
• Correction d'une erreur lors de l'impression de la vue Réservoir pour un seul type.
1.0.4• Dans les vues Livre de bord, Types et Synthèse, tous les temps totaux de la carte Temps et le temps de fonctionnement du moteur calculé à partir des horamètre moteur sont désormais affichés.
• Les icônes de ces temps ont été standardisées dans toutes les vues.
LogbookNMEAconnect1.9.6Old NMEA data are now reliably deleted
1.10.0Interface utilisateur française
1.10.1Optimisation de l'évaluation des données si les données AIS sont également incluses
1.10.2Correction de l'erreur de sauvegarde des anciennes valeurs
1.10.3Ajouts aux données pour l'email de support
Biography2.2.0• New function for storing images and PDFs related to logbooks
• Import of logbooks from Logbook Lite
• iPad: one continuous PDF from multiple layouts
2.2.1Fixed a bug related to inserting and viewing PDFs
2.3.0Interface utilisateur française
2.3.1Correction d'une erreur lors de l'importation d'un nouveau bateau.
2.3.2iOS : Les impressions PDF en plusieurs parties sont fusionnées en un seul PDF
BoardCash3.2.1New enhanced and optimized user interface for the iPhone
3.2.2Deleting entries now works correctly in the detail view.
3.2.3Image fields now also support multipage PDFs
3.2.4• Error in print function "Complete" fixed.
• To save space, the automatically inserted text "Payment of shopping" is replaced by "Payment".
3.3.0• Interface utilisateur en français
• "Paiement sans caisse de bord" peut maintenant aussi être modifié après coup dans le dialogue des détails.
• iOS: Correction de l'erreur de la fonction d'impression.
3.3.2Correction d'une erreur qui pouvait se produire lors de l'importation des catégories
Budget1.0.2• File can now be closed correctly
• SYNC data is loaded automatically even with less than 10 entries
1.0.3Version number for update is now stored correctly
1.0.4Image fields now also support multipage PDFs
1.1.0Interface utilisateur en français
1.1.1Correction d'une erreur qui pouvait se produire lors de l'importation des catégories
Crew2.1.3Fixed a bug related to inserting and viewing PDFs
2.1.4Diverses corrections de bogues mineurs
First-Aid Kit2.3.0Interface utilisateur française
Inventory2.3.0• Interface utilisateur française
• Listes montrent également les unités
2.3.1Nouveau champ "Prix"
Logbook Suite Manager2.2.2• Fixed an error when downloading Budget
• Update for Budget is now detected correctly
2.2.3Current version numbers are now correctly recognized
2.2.6Fixed a bug that during the initial installation of Logbook Suite PhoneTools the module Logbook Lite could not be loaded.
2.2.7Fixed a bug with the display of icons on the iPad.
2.2.8Interface utilisateur française
2.2.9La mise à jour de Logbook Lite (dans Logbook Suite PhoneTools) peut maintenant être lancée correctement.
2.2.10Amélioration du comportement au démarrage
Maintenance2.1.2Fixed issue when synchronizing duplicated jobs
2.2.0• Interface utilisateur française
• La liste des activités est personnalisable par l'utilisateur
• La numérotation des tâches peut comporter jusqu'à 3 chiffres
2.2.1La liste des activités peut maintenant être ajustée sans erreur.
2.2.2Diverses corrections de bogues mineurs
2.2.3Correction d'un bogue qui pouvait entraîner des plantages lors de l'impression sous macOS Monterey.
Scheduler3.2.0• Improvements to the user interface, optimized usability
• Problems due to operating system updates fixed
3.2.1Update procedure improved
3.2.2Diverses corrections de bogues mineurs
SYNC2.2.1• Optimized data download when no data available.
• Improved window switching on iPad.
2.2.2Interface utilisateur française
2.2.3Diverses corrections de bogues mineurs
WorldEnsigns2.2.8Fixed a bug with the position of the capital of Myanmar

Update to Logbook Suite 2.2

Download the update for existing Logbook licenses

If you alrea­dy own a PC license for Logbook for Mac or Win­dows, you can sim­ply down­load the new ver­sion Logbook Suite 2.2 for your ope­ra­ting sys­tem from your 2K Yach­ting Shop account without filling out the down­load form again.

To down­load the ins­tal­ler from your shop account select at “Ins­tant down­loads” the down­load but­ton that is dis­played next to your Logbook PC license. All other down­load but­tons do not have an ins­tal­ler because they are valid for all plat­forms.
Just ignore the ver­sion num­ber that is dis­played in your account! For all ver­sions of Logbook the down­load but­ton is lin­ked to the ins­tal­ler of Logbook Suite 2.2. All updates are for free.

The update for iPad can be loa­ded from the Apple App Store as usal.

Update existing data files to Logbook Suite 2.2

When ins­tal­ling Logbook Suite 2.2 your data files from older ver­sions of Logbook Suite are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly upda­ted. Howe­ver, the auto­ma­tic update affects only files with default file names in the default data fol­der, other files need to be upda­ted manual­ly to ver­sion 2.2.

If you have alrea­dy used an older ver­sion of Logbook (Logbook ver­sion 2.0 or newer) or Logbook Suite, you can open your files from Logbook and the Add-ons crea­ted in the older ver­sion of the soft­ware also with Logbook Suite 2.2. But the file will only pro­vide the func­tions of the ori­gi­nal ver­sion of the program.

After ins­tal­ling Log­bok Suite 2.2 you can import your old data files into Logbook Suite so all the new fea­tures will be available. 

The fol­lo­wing ins­truc­tions explain all the neces­sa­ry steps on the PC or the iPad.

Automatic update of older data files on PC

If you want to update older data files (Logbook mini­mum ver­sion 2.0, Add-ons all ver­sions) to Logbook Suite 2.1, you can do this very easi­ly using the auto­ma­tic upda­ting function.

  • Copy your data files from older ver­sions into a fol­der. All files need to use the stan­dard file names and the exten­sion .fmp12. If neces­sa­ry, you should edit the file names using the Fin­der or the Explo­rer before star­ting the func­tion. Please note that all files need to be clo­sed when per­for­ming the update.
  • In Logbook Suite Mana­ger choose the but­ton More… and then the but­ton Import data from 3.7 or older.
  • When you have sele­ce­ted your fol­der the update pro­cess is star­ted. After a few secu­ri­ty mes­sages, the data from the old ver­sions are impor­ted into the files of Logbook Suite 2.1.

A step-by-step ins­truc­tion for a manual upda­ting is pro­vi­ded in User Manual Logbook Suite Basics.

Automatic update to Logbook Suite on iPad

Using the but­ton Import data from 3.7 and older from the menu of the but­ton More… of the Logbook Suite Mana­ger you can per­form an auto­ma­ted update of your data from older ver­sions (Logbook mini­mum ver­sion 2.0, Add-ons all ver­sions) to Logbook Suite 2.2. Please note that all files should not use the stan­dard file name and should be clo­sed while per­for­ming the update.

  1. Copy the old data file to Logbook Suite 2.2.
  2. In the Logbook Suite Mana­ger tap the but­ton More… and then the but­ton Import data from 3.7 and older.
  3. In the popo­ver choose from the first list which module you want to update.
  4. Then select from the second list the file contai­ning the data to be impor­ted from. The list contains all files sto­red in Logbook Suite except the default files.
  5. Tap­ping the but­ton Update starts the import pro­cess of the data.

Because of the file sys­tem on the iPad, the update must be exe­cu­ted one by one for each file. 
A step-by-step ins­truc­tion for a manual upda­ting is pro­vi­ded in User Manual Logbook Suite Basics.

Logbook: NMEA function

Test your NMEA connection with Logbook on PC

While Logbook is in demo mode and there are less then five days in the logbook, you can test the NMEA fea­ture for PC and iPad. We stron­gly recom­mend to test the NMEA connec­tion bet­ween Logbook and your equip­ment before pur­cha­sing the PC NMEA License. The connec­tion should work with all NMEA and GPS devices that are connec­ted to the PC using USB, Blue­tooth or WiFi. Never­the­less there could be some devices on the mar­ket that are not com­pa­tible with Logbook.

We are very gra­te­ful for any feed­back – regard­less of whe­ther the connec­tion is wor­king or not!

Test your NMEA connection with Logbook on the iPad

While Logbook is in demo mode and there are less then five days in the logbook, you can also test the Logbook NMEA func­tion for iPad. Once you have crea­ted more than five days, the fea­ture is only avai­lable if you have ente­red a NMEA serial num­ber for iPad. Please note that LogbookNMEA connect ver­sion 2.3.4 is requi­red for the new engine data col­lec­tion in Logbook 5.2. The fol­lo­wing list shows the hard­ware, for which the app pro­vides pre­set confi­gu­ra­tions.
If you want to use a hard­ware that is not lis­ted, please contact our support. 

List of Devices supported in NMEA function for iOS

Our NMEA func­tion for iPad uses the app LogbookNMEA connect, which has been deve­lo­ped exclu­si­ve­ly for Logbook, to connect Logbook to NMEA data sources. LogbookNMEA connect offers pre confi­gu­red set­tings for the fol­lo­wing devices or connec­tions. Inter­nal
  • iPad Baro­me­ter
  • iPad GPS


  • Acti­sense NGT‑1 (IP)
  • Acti­sende W2K‑1
  • AstraYacht
  • Bon­jour
  • comar i300W/i320W
  • comar NMEA-2-Wifi
  • Digi­tal Yacht (Nav­Link 2, TCP, UDP)
  • DMK Box (NMEA 0183 & NMEA 2000)
  • DY: iAIS / WLN10
  • EKI-1351
  • Expe­di­tion
  • ezTCP CSW-H80
  • GMM (NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000)
  • GoFree™, GoFree™ Bonjour
  • iMux (AdHoc) & iMux / eMux (DHCP)
  • nke NMEA Wifi Interface
  • NMEA over IP
  • NMEA­con­nect Server
  • NMEA­re­mote Server
  • Pilot­Tech — AIS Pilot Plug WiFi
  • Quark-elec
  • Red­Box
  • Sail­mon
  • Sea­Mate Ch.1, Sea­Mate Ch.2
  • SeaSmart.NET (NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000)
  • Ship­Mo­dul MiniPlex-2Wi
  • Ship­Mo­dul MiniPlex-3Wi(-N2K)
  • SignalK
  • SignalK (NMA 0183)
  • vYacht
  • XB 8000 / Watch Mate Vision
  • Yacht Devices
  • Yacht Devices — YDWG-02 (N2k)
  • Yak­ker

You can also connect other devices via LogbookNMEA connect with Logbook, if you know the confi­gu­ra­tion set­tings which are used to connect your iPad to your GPS/NMEA device.

Hardware tip for NMEA connection of Logbook

We have tes­ted some WiFi mul­ti­plexers in prac­tice and can give you a very spe­cial recom­men­da­tion here:

Small, easy to ins­tall and ful­ly com­pa­tible with Logbook:
the NMEA 2000 WiFi Gate­way YDWG-02 von Yacht Devices.
The device is less than 6 cm long and has a dia­me­ter of only 20 mm. Tech­ni­cal infor­ma­tion can be found here:

From now on you can also buy this gate­way direct­ly from us in our online shop:
The sel­ling price is 189,00 €. We deli­ver free of ship­ping costs.

We also have had great expe­riences with the GoFree Wifi‑1 Modul from Navi­co (Sim­rad, B&G, Lowrance) during our tests. This is avai­lable in near­ly eve­ry well sor­ted ship sup­ply store.

Please also note the tip on set­ting up the GoFree connec­tion. 

Troubleshooting: NMEA data retrieval does not work or is too slow

Incor­rect set­tings in dia­log Default, GPS/NMEA can cause that no data trans­fer is pos­sible or that it takes a long time until the data are ente­red in Logbook. The­re­fore in the dia­log Default, GPS/NMEA only the options for the data that real­ly can be recei­ved should be enabled. Other­wise Logbook will wait for una­vai­lable data until the timeout. This applies par­ti­cul­la­ry to the option iPad Pres­sure, which should be acti­va­ted only if the iPad has an inte­gra­ted baro­me­ter. In the app LogbookNMEA connect, which is used for the data retrie­val, you also need to setup and acti­va­ted the source iPad baro­me­ter in addi­tion to the source for recei­ving the navi­ga­tion data. We recom­mend to use the option Use time from iPad only if the NMEA data source of the ship net­work does not pro­vide a reliable UTC value. 

Troubleshooting: Aborts of NMEA data recording via Auto NMEA (iPad)

The Logbook Suite com­mu­ni­ca­tion app LogbookNMEA connect from ver­sion 2.3 on can detect and ignore errors in the NMEA data so that the data is pas­sed to Logbook without errors. This is espe­cial­ly help­ful when using the Auto NMEA func­tion, because NMEA data errors could lead to aborts of the data trans­fer to Logbook.

If there are still aborts during the data recor­ding with LogbookNMEA connect 2.3, you can use the option Vali­date (in the set­tings of your source) to acti­vate a second step of error correction.

Tip: Setting up the GoFree connection in the app LogbookNMEA connect

With the latest iOS updates, the Bon­jour pro­to­col, which is used for the auto­ma­tic detec­tion of GoFree, has been upda­ted seve­ral times. Howe­ver, since GoFree still uses an old ver­sion of the pro­to­col, the inter­face is no lon­ger reco­gni­zed correctly.

This can be reme­died by manual­ly set­ting up the source. Pro­ceed as follows:

  1. On your plot­ter go to the plot­ter confi­gu­ra­tion page. Look for the IP of the plot­ter, which is also dis­played here. Write this down.
  2. Open the app LogbookNMEA connect and choose Source, Edit, Add source.
  3. Choose NMEA over IP.
  4. Make the fol­lo­wing settings.
    • Pro­to­col: TCP
    • Host: IP of your plot­ter (it is shown on the info screen of your plotter)
    • Port: 10110
  5. In the top you can give this source a name, for example GoFree manual­ly.
  6. If you now acti­vate the source, data should be dis­played in the blue field.

Important note for owners of chartplotters with WiFi

Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, the plot­ters from Ray­ma­rine, Furu­no and Gar­min don’t stream the stan­dard NMEA data via the inte­gra­ted WiFi. The WiFi only sends spe­cial­ly pre­pa­red infor­ma­tion for the own-brand apps in a ven­dor-pro­prie­ta­ry, non-public data for­mat. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly the manu­fac­tu­reres are not inter­es­ted in relea­sing the inter­face for use by third-par­ty software. 

This is why you need to have ins­tal­led a NMEA mul­ti­plexer with WiFi func­tion in your ship net­work to access the NMEA data from any other device or application—even if you use a plot­ter with wire­less LAN function.