The visual planner for voyages and maintenance

Now new ver­sion 3.2.0 with enhan­ced usibility

Scheduler is an inter­ac­tive visual per­so­nal orga­ni­zer for sai­lors and motor boa­ters. It dif­fers from conven­tio­nal sche­du­lers main­ly by its intui­tive pre­sen­ta­tion of the time and the appoint­ments in a conti­nuous time­line — just as the real time runs.
Scheduler is sui­table for plan­ning a whole year or a whole sea­son, as well as seve­ral years or even a single trip.

Your plans (such as the sum­mer sai­ling trip or the stay in the shi­pyard) are crea­ted in Scheduler as pro­jects and the pro­ject per­iods are mar­ked in the time­line by color bars. Within a pro­ject you can enter as many appoint­ments as you want, the events. Events are lin­ked to the pro­ject and are dis­played in the time­line by color bars arran­ged below the project.

The sec­tion of the time­line which is dis­played on the screen can be moved or zoo­med by using but­tons or ges­tures. You can show only a few days, seve­ral weeks or months or a whole year. With Scheduler all your pro­jects are clear­ly struc­tu­red and dis­played. In the top level of the struc­tu­ring you will find the groups with which you can assi­gn your pro­jects to various topics such as maintenance, voyages and regattas.

Dates from the Add-on Maintenance add-on and expi­ra­tion dates from the Add-on First-Aid Kit can be ente­red direct­ly from the res­pec­tive Add-on into the cor­res­pon­ding group in Scheduler

Scheduler offers in addi­tion a list view of all pro­jects and events.

Of course, it is also pos­sible to print any sec­tion of the Scheduler time­line in dif­ferent reso­lu­tions or to save them in a PDF as well as the new list view. So that you can share your plan­ning with your friends.

The time­line view of Scheduler 
The list view of Scheduler 

In the demo mode of Scheduler you can create nine entries. Ente­ring a serial num­ber converts your trial ver­sion of Scheduler into a full ver­sion with unli­mi­ted use.