Tracking the cost for your ship

There are many regu­lar and irre­gu­lar expenses asso­cia­ted with ope­ra­ting a ship. It is easy to lose track of how much the annual costs actual­ly are. This is where the Add-on Bud­get, new in Logbook Suite 2.2, can help you.

With Bud­get you keep track of all expenses around your ship. Enter your expenses in Bud­get and assi­gn them to free­ly selec­table cate­go­ries such as berth, maintenance, repairs, spare parts, fuel, insu­rance, new equip­ment and fit­tings, etc..
For each expense you can enter the date, des­crip­tion, amount and cate­go­ry, as well as the sup­plier, loca­tion and pay­ment method. There is also a field for addi­tio­nal details, as well as a field where you can insert a pho­to or a PDF of the receipt.

Bud­get sup­ports the use of mul­tiple cur­ren­cies. The exchange rates to the cur­ren­cy you set as default can be either retrie­ved from the ECB or set manual­ly. When you enter an expense in a forei­gn cur­ren­cy, the amount is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly conver­ted to your default cur­ren­cy using the cur­rent exchange rate. If the exchange rate changes, you can choose whe­ther old amounts should be recal­cu­la­ted or not.

Port and fuel costs can be trans­fer­red direct­ly from Logbook to Bud­get. You can also import expenses from BoardCash into Bud­get — either only indi­vi­dual expenses or all expenses recor­ded in a BoardCash file.

In the list view, costs can be eva­lua­ted by cate­go­ry and other cri­te­ria such as sup­plier or loca­tion, and lis­ted with or without sub­to­tals by year.
Bud­get’s search func­tion helps you to qui­ck­ly find spe­ci­fic expenses.

In the sum­ma­ry, all expenses are tota­led by cate­go­ry. You can either dis­play the total sum of all expenses (i.e. the entire per­iod) or you can dis­play the totals of the cate­go­ries for up to 3 years in com­pa­ri­son.
On the right side you will always see the sum of the cur­rent year, the other two years are free­ly selec­table. Below the list, the total sum of all expenses is shown.

The Add-on Bud­get can be used in Logbook Suite on Mac, with Win­dows and on the iPad and in Logbook Suite Pho­ne­Tools on iPhone.

In the demo mode of Bud­get you can create up to 9 entries for your  expenses. Ente­ring a serial num­ber converts your trial ver­sion of Bud­get into an unli­mi­ted full ver­sion that can be used on all device types — both in Logbook Suite and in the app Logbook Suite Pho­ne­Tools.